2013 Horoscopes

2013 Horoscopes

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baran Aries

This year will bring big changes especially at the turn of April and May. In the summer take care of all legal, administrative and financial. They can also fulfill unmet dreams in August. These matters will be more frequently affecting your daily life.
Work-is-not-everything will be a prominent thought for you, but that sense of oppression you notice will not be scathed as the weeks progress. So don't fight the power, go with the flow wait for your moment to flourish. Don't beat yourself up over sudden change of plans due to emerging situations. You will find in yourself the strength and resolve to overcome these short term changes. The end of the year will belong to you; your financial situation will improve significantly but keep discipline in your spending. Rams in late March under the influence of Uranus can feel a strong need for big changes that will bring rewards. People taking exams however challenging have nothing to fear but their own complacency.
At the beginning of the year people you are close to have plans that feature yourself. Be cautious of these plans as there is much you will not have budgeted for. If you are in a relationship you could strive to gain greater freedom but be careful what you wish for as your links are more fragile at the end of the year. This year will also be good to meet up with old friends as it marks the decade since a dissolving of regular contacts.
Health should not be too much trouble. You may feel you are having weight issues and start to see the marks of time but your natural sense of action will not fail you in dealing with this. 


byk Taurus

In front of you have a calm year ahead, relative to 2012. But don't be lured into a false sense of security by this, you'll still need lots of energy for the new challenges that emerge. It's the perfect time to accelerate business matters as 2013 is a lucky number for you and the financial situation will look favorable in the mid part of the year. So don't put any barriers on your hopes There are no obstacles which you could not beat, but you need to be patient and wait for a favorable opportunity as it will pay out well for you.
Pay off your debts on the back of this mid-year luck as it won't last forever. Only if you work hard will this good luck carry on its momentum. Take advantage of it and do not hesitate to fulfill those long time dreams.
This is the year you will hone your combative nature and positive attitude to life. Now is the year to rid yourself of your long term insecurities but be warned! Don't be over reliant on the person closest to you. You are burdening them and maybe worse and they will let you down towards the end of the year. This disappointment could push you into the arms of another. It is therefore important to look at why you feel needy.
You will begin to envy friends who have children and families. If you want this it's a good year to start, but do it in the lucky portion of the year from April to September.
This year, someone in the family may require greater care from you. This will require effort and the energy mentioned before, but don't despair it will be an opportunity to get closer to them.


bliznieta Gemini

This year is a time of some fundamental changes for you. Situations will present themselves that will facilitate you going in a completely different direction. 
In the first half of the year you will have a head full of ideas, but to implement them you'll have to overcome your natural sense of caution. This has been a long term problem in your endeavors effecting your motivation but you have the will and you will go for it this time. 
It's a busy year for you as these opportunities are grabbed and you amerce yourself in the work that comes with it but those closest to you will need you more this year so choose carefully how you manage your time.
As new relationships begin it might not exactly be love at first sight. But timing is everything for you this year. Give any new relationship time to flourish. By the summertime these new friendships will start to bear fruit but there is still much uncertainty in your calendar so be careful not to enter into a too stronger binding relationship with any new faces in your life just yet.
In your longer established relationships there will be harmony and understanding. By August events will make you fall in love all over again. Your partner will become a true refuge for you. If you want to enlarge the family the right time has come. Family life will grow in importance for you.
Don't waste time on enemies as you passions are needed elsewhere. 


rak Cancer

This year will be for you special. You will get many opportunities and will leave a lot of worries and troubles behind . . .  it's a year you look back on and see growth.
In matters of your profession real progress awaits you. Consider the new challenges enthusiastically. This is what you have been unable to cope with in the past or at least not enjoyed dealing with. Do not rest on your laurels just because you were able to accomplish something in the past. Control your emotions, do not get angry for no reason, this has held you back in the past, but it's  a year of growth so make sure this area is encompassed in the natural sense of progression that you see and feel in 2013.
In May, you will be able to start new projects, but do not take it too easy; this year will be good only with patience and perseverance. Luck alone will not do it. Matters that are not urgent put aside for another time as prioritizing is a key element to your success. You will enter new environments by making an impression on someone new in your life, Your natural charm will open the door to new places in your world. But in work there are new horizons emerging to you already, its likely you are not fully aware and embracing them . . .  take a closer look now. 
June and July is a perfect time for a family vacation, you feel you missed out in 2012 so don't let your work commitments rob you a second year in a row. . . June and July will be the time that the urge becomes too strong for you to stand still and you see that this year you can go farther than usual. August is a good time to rest, to recharge the batteries and catch up on issues domestic.


lew Leo

2013 is a year to put your long term pans into action finally. . .you  put them off  and cheated yourself in 2012. . . Don't make the same mistake in 2013.
2013 is an opportunity to demonstrate your inventiveness and presentation skills, even if so far you feel you tried and failed it's a good time to learn, so learn from the past and do it right.
Even when you're emotional try to make the right choices for yourself this year, it will be crucial to your success. You'll find yourself in situations where you become a victim of a misunderstanding and maybe an injustice; this will be the time to control your emotion and make wise choices. Pick your battles carefully because you'll need huge amounts of energy at key points in 2013.
Learning! Studying a foreign language is a good idea for you at this time; you secretly always fancied it but now is the time to go for it. It will certainly be useful for you to help develop your career as there will become a growing international aspect to your work.
Take care of yourself. To enhance the beauty you do not have to spend a fortune. Start to ensure you get more sleep, you will notice it does for you what make up could never do.
You will feel the need to travel this year, it's the time to take that joint trip with friends you always dreamed of and make the most of your last free time before bigger issues arrive in your life. Don't hold back on this as regret for you has always been the most painful memory to hold.
You will have money issues in 2013. You may need to borrow money or perhaps lend money to those even worse off. This can spoil your relationship with your father, grandfather or son-in-law at the beginning of the year. But in the end everything goes back to normal. . . .  Control those emotions when things play out differently to what you envisioned and all will be well.


panna Virgo

January is the beginning of a difficult year for you. But you will reign supreme in the end by not sitting idly by and by not giving up. Go for it and do not look back. Remember you cannot walk that path two different ways at the same time you've got to decide on your strategy and go for it with passion.
Do not be afraid to take the decision to change jobs or move to a different position even though you know it will be tough at the beginning. Your ideas will allow you to grow wings and improve your financial situation. Your Sign gives you natural mental energy and strength. However, you run out of patience to easily. Those who are counting on your kindness will be disappointed. In the second half of the year you will become lively and full of enthusiasm as your achievements become more clearer to you. Use this bounce to make rest of the year better.
Your thirst for learning is raised this year when you see those around achieving and reaping the fruits of years of past toil. Don't be jealous of their success though, you already know the right reaction is to copy them by taking on that academic passion. Don't wait to be pushed, do it now.
If you are not happy in your relationship, try to think of the needs of the partner more, 2012 was a year when you left certain boxes un-ticked and the cold winter months sit well for you to fix this. It will bring positive results and as the months become warmer so will your relationship.


waga Weight

In front of you is a good year to change work and your finances, but it won't feel like success until the autumn where your long efforts will start to bear fruit, this year is more like a marathon than a sprint so be patient and consistent even when you feel like you are on a loop the rewards will start to emerge after the toil. Don't be tempted with cheap loans of cash, you are not naturally cautious and this has got you in trouble before. Your successes this year is not about the quick buck so debt is not the route to take.
By the summer you notice more than normally the things you cannot do without; especially with your children you will have an even greater need for these. This will form the catalyst for supplementary study. Look to capitalize on this desire and choose carefully something that can add to your strong skills set and drive your new career path forward.
Forming new friendships is something that's been on your mind for a while but this is the year you will break contact with some of the people in your life and concentrate on new and emerging friendships that add value. But with new people you can trust and you can count on.
Your new relationships this year will include someone special to you. It is entirely possible this person will enter your life in a very casual context but be careful, because it will not be a quick bond, but a slow and growing affection. But by the end of the year you will have the chance to find solace in the arms of someone who wants to come to your aid.
Couples in stable relationships have to think about renewing your bond, time is damaging the links and those frayed reigns need to be mended now. Do something and surprise your partner; this will have a big impact on how 2013 ends for you.


scorpion Scorpio

This is the year you start to think seriously and responsibly, you will finally nail what is your goal and start to hone in on it. You are naturally stubborn and this will work in you favor in this quest.
You will enter a new phase of work in August, but the results you will have to wait for . . Don't be insecure because they are coming. Be patient and do not accelerate the course of events. Any failures you will turn into lessons that bring success. . . . This is your year.
Pay off any debts as early as possible your end of year opportunities will demand you are financially unburdened, otherwise you may run into problems. Avoid conflicts in your immediate environment and with the boss. This will generate friction that will interfere with your focus. 
In difficult times you can count on family. And in the early stages of 2013 you will need their help, so don't be too proud and refuse this. You have to work hard and struggle to make the difference to reconcile work, home, and family. Be wise with the home budget, because you might not have enough for all your plans and desires in the April period.
Don't be put off by the early harshness on 2013. There will be many precious moments. The people you love are aware of your pressures and will be thinking of you without you necessarily feeling it and they will be contributing in many ways to help you feel relaxed again.  Take the time to look what others are doing for you.
In your longer stable relationships will be a time of peace and harmony. There will also be more memories of times passed and plans being made. Your family will be closer to you than ever before so listen to that voice telling you to embrace them more. In selecting your friends you have to be more careful. People enter and leave your life far too easily and too many take things with them . . . Beware of those who smile nicely, and have nothing to offer.


strzelec Sagittarius

2013 is going to be a busy year for you but your natural dexterity helps you to stop you toppling over. In the Spring events leave you feeling stuck on a loop as you become aware that you are not ticking all the boxes needed. Your sense of organization will need to be honed if you are to keep on top of the challenges coming in. 
Plan ahead financially as the second half of the year could throw up some unexpected challenges and money will be an issue more than it usually is . . . pay of any debts early and try to save a little more than normal. It is not necessarily gloomy news; as you adapt and learn from events passing you learn some hard lessons quickly that hold you in stronger ground in the future.  In  august there will be a strong opportunity to change not just job but career . . . keep in mind if you truly want this change as the last year you've been in a groove and not given this nearly the thought it deserves, the comfort zone sometimes suits your character too much.
This year the strength and support of your loved ones will be clear to you. Be kind to those closest to you as its time to strengthen these bonds now for the tomorrows to come. This year passions are rising high for you . . . if you are single you will be looking hard for that special someone . . . but in looking don't concentrate too much on the distant horizon. Charm and grace comes naturally to your star sign and this quality is what will win their heart so keep it on display even in harsh moments. For those in relationships use this passion to strengthen your bonds, don't be afraid to mix your passion for love with travel as getting away from the cycle that's gotten hold of you will benefit all.


koziorozec Capricorn

2013 promises to be a very active year for you, so active you won't have time to realize how tired you are feeling. But this frenzy of activity will come from the passion and energy you feel towards your goals. Make sure you capitalize on this wave before it crashes and recedes back. The faster you get to work, the more you will accomplish in the early stages of 2013 the better as this serge won't last all year.
If you are unemployed, you will have a strong sense of optimism and start raising your ambitions - maybe even start your own business from that idea you have been pondering on the last few years. Capricorns are naturally decisive and this quality will stand you well this year as an idea becomes a goal and then your obsession . . . jump on this and don't be surprised if the harder you work the luckier you seem to get.  
In important personal relationships this is the year you need to do what you tend not to like doing and consult with your partner or a trusted advisor. You have challenges coming up and you don't have all the answers despite Capricorns being wise by nature.  Give up trying to solve all the issues alone. Just keep your nerve and resolve and be open to others and these problems will get halved and then quartered in your mind almost immediately.  
In your relationship matters with your other half; don't make the same mistake in 2013 that you made in 2012! Make sure you give them sincere affection more often.  .  .You struggle with your work / love balance and this is the year that this struggle needs to be won.
For the singles the outlook is promising but not a strong one . . . you will need to work as well to root out the one for you. Watch out; because there is a judus in the rank this year so don't drop your guard too much.
By the end of the year you will be in reflective mood as you tire from all the rigor that 2013 has put on you. Work hard in the early part and you will be looking back with glee. But don't allow this sense of achievement to go to your head. You will have issues unresolved that you will realize have been there since the start of 2013.



wodnik Aquarius

2013 is a busy year for you but it may not be with activity of your choosing. Be careful with money this year as this is a year of challenges, particularly in the winter months and you may be left feeling drained before the spring has even arrived to revitalize you. Work may seem hard and lean in the early part of the year hence the need to be shrew with money in case some aspects go wrong at the crucial moments, but Aquarius ‘s are tough nuts by nature and have good sense of humor use this to ride out any storms.
Start saving money for a nice vacation in the summer. You will have earned that luxury by then. In your heart you feel you compromised too much in 2012 and if you want peace of mind you will need to make up for it this year.
The work will require more effort and patience this year. If it the opportunity arise to change work then this would be a good year to consider that as the challenge in the early part of the year will leave you wondering how long you can carry on in the same position.
You will be looking carefully at colleagues and in partially the age of some of them and this will be the thing that's making you stop and think about your situation but make the most of this time as you will be asking important question of yourself that will cause you to serge forward in one way or another.
Think about the quality of your relaxation time. You are running around far too much without the results you wish to see but you are doing this in times when you should be recharging the batteries. Spend some time arranging travel that you always wanted to do. You will find this process its self relaxing but even if you don't the resultant travel will satisfy the soul.  
In the autumn you will notice family disagreements seem to dominate the family circle but don't despair. You are intelligent enough to stay impartial and wise enough to know these things come to pass without effort from yourself, but don't lose the opportunity to learn from this and to realize how fragile relationship can be no matter the kinship.


ryby Fish

You have a good year ahead of you particularly for business. It's the year to invest rather than spend. Do it right and the spending can come latter. This can be big money year for you as the stars point to prosperity but it also points to wise choices in need of making. Choices that are not based on luck but on sound knowledge of your subject matter, for this reason consider taking some study vocation and take it seriously as it could be argued that with chancing everything to luck you will underperform in a year that points to growth.
Don't waste this chance this year as its looking the most prosperous yet since the new millennium so manage your affairs wisely in order to prosper. . . Get more sleep, party less and be generous with those around you who are worthy because when the stars change you will have banked a lot of good will. Managing your life better will give you the strength to take full advantage of a good year.
In the second half of the years watch out for the inevitable phonies who want to ride on your wave. These will be faces reasonably new to you in 2013. But don't pretend their smiles are real . You are fodder for them until someone better arrives. You will be naturally compelled to embrace them believing what you hear. Don't. Move on and get busy dealing with your many business issues.
The second half of the year is an opportunity to start re-furnishing the house and nesting in a way you never did before. You will be so content that the idea of moving around and travel is not as important as it once was. Don't be alarmed or disappointed with your attitude to this. . .you are not getting old and grumpy, you just start to feel pleased in a way you never did before. The travel bug will bite again though so for now enjoy your home and the social network that is building up around it.
Your relationships will be more tempesty this year as some close to you complain of neglect, balance of these two doesn't come easily for you but you never lacked effort in the past, but it is the state of affairs that needs constant re-reviewing how you portion your time. Getting this bit right will; this year, prove the challenge that's doesn't go away..


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