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Sunrise: 07:48:00
Sunset: 18:08:00
Quote of the Day:
"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts" - Eleanor Roosevelt


1810 Frederick Chopin born, Polish composer
1512 Death of Amerigo Vespucci, Italian explorer
1732 George Washington born, the first president of the United States
1788 Arthur Schopenhauer born, German philosopher
1797 Death of Baron Mnchhausen
1814 Oskar Kolberg born, ethnographer, musician and composer
1848 The outbreak of the February Revolution in France
1857 Heinrich Hertz born, a German physicist
1857 Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell born, founder of Scouting
1900 Luis Bu?uel born, Spanish film director
1942 Death of on Stefan Zweig, Austrian writer
1962 Run the pipeline "Friendship"
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